1. Cassina DEMO

Friends of the Dogwood Gospel

This is a demo that we recorded in our practice space in mid October 2018 - an old cabin we moved into to write, record and rehearse. Everything you hear on the track was recorded in our little 1820's Furnace Mountain, Virginia hideaway and we hope you enjoy it, blemishes and all. We're currently working on our full length debut, hoping to have it out early spring 2020, and we wanted to give ya'll something else to listen to in the meantime to tide you over. So, we decided to dust this rough and raw demo off and make it available to anyone who wants to hear it..

I originally wrote this song when I was 16 or 17, and after several reworks over the years, this song has become a central part of our live set and will be on our debut release. Hope you dig it!

- Max, December 2019


Everything so bright and new, no reason to complain,
Nothin' left to do but make the change
Nothin' left to worry for, no madness in the wind,
Let the idols fall to death in vain

She whispers secrets in the gales,
She warns of what's to come,
She knows the angst that tears and rips my soul
Left to bleach in the summer sun

Everything not what it was, yet everything's the same
You break the hold, the icy hand of shame
As anger gives rejection means to lead us to the fold
There's something in us all that can't be sold

Drain me of my misery,
And ease the mind to find a dreamless sleep,
I left to soon, but I held fast to the truth

Yeah I was lost for years, alone in fear
You live how you live, but this is how I make it by
And her voice is all I hear

I'll never hide the death behind my eyes,
Can't tell no more lies, my heart is worn on my sleeve

Call me weak or just naive, but I'll never walk alone again
Lay rest the past, what we've lost it wilts out in the cold
Yeah and I'm feelin' old
But I know that she knows what's in us that can't be sold
A love so unconditional
And I know, she knows, what's in us that can't be sold